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Guarding Your Intellectual Property

Theft of confidential information and trade secrets can be just as damaging to your business as embezzlement or other employee fraud. Help protect your competitive advantage with these tips. Buy paper shredders...and use them Be careful when you are throwing out copies of sensitive or confidential documents. These include: financial statements, proposals, customer information, reports, receipts, bills, invoices, etc. Don't just toss these in the trash. Shred them first. Putting them in the...

Sample Non-Compete Agreement

When an employee leaves your business, is he or she taking things along that you would rather not give up? Is the employee going to open up in competition with you, or try to steal your customers, or employ secret processes that are a source of your competitive advantage? Obviously, no employer wants to lose an employee under those circumstances. One way to avoid this is to enter into agreements with your employees that restrict their rights to compete with you. You can make such an agreement a...

Exit Interview Questionnaire

This tool provides an example of an exit interview for you to have a final feedback from your employees on their work experience at your company. This feedback aims at improving your working conditions and performance. You may adapt it to your business needs and employment conditions. Attachment Exit Interview Questionnaire   For more resources Tips for managing termination Sample termination letter Exit employee checklist

Exit Interview Template

Provided By Potential.com, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE   Benefits:   The journal is a chronological (day-by-day) record of business transactions. At convenient intervals, the debit and credit amounts recorded in the journal are transferred (posted) to the accounts in the ledger.  The updated ledger accounts, in turn, serve as the basis for preparing the company’s financial statements. FILE Very often organizations do not know why an employee decides to...

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