Practical tips to effectively map people against your current and future business needs

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Securing the right people with the right skills for the right roles at the right time is critical to the successful delivery of the strategic vision of any business!


So how can you source and recruit top talents, and thus drive your business success? 


Plan your workforce in an effective manner by: reviewing your business strategies, examining your current talents’ skills, forecasting your future needs, analyzing your supply and demand in skills and talents, defining your workforce requirements, developing your sourcing plan, and implementing it.


On the basis of your approved workforce plan, identify and plan future positions. Then, create relevant job requisitions and effective job descriptions. Also, re-examine your traditional sourcing channel(s), explore contemporary one(s), and select what best suits your business!


Source suitable candidates by: defining the positions rather than the candidates, creating strong basic job pitches, posting compelling and attractive job postings, filtering and assessing received resumes in an efficient manner, and networking with colleagues and industry experts.


Once potential candidates are identified, screen them by phone, assess their skills, schedule and conduct interviews with them, select the best out of them, and finally run a background check on the individual!


Go beyond the standard orientation process by: ensuring the successful induction of the new hire, carefully managing and monitoring his/her first 90 days on the job, objectively evaluating his/her performance afterwards, so as to guarantee that the new partnership will be long-term and beneficial to both parties.


The quality of your business is the quality of the workforce it possesses!